Laser Hair Therapy is a completely safe, painless breakthrough for those suffering from hair loss. The laser we use at Mane Solution works to regrow your own hair by repairing damaged follicles. As you sit under our laser, more blood flow will be directed to the scalp, which leads to hair regrowth in a matter of weeks. By simply sitting under our laser for 40 minutes a week, you can have your hair back- and we have the pictures to prove it!

This may seem too good to be true, but the reality is that every single one of our clients who have tried this method have received positive results. When necessary, this treatment can be used in conjunction with supplement panels. If you have any questions about our laser, laser hair therapy, or want to schedule your complimentary consultation, please give us a call: (518)250-5569.

What to Expect During Laser Hair Therapy:

Month One: As more blood flow is directed to the scalp on a regular basis, resting hair follicles are stimulated and re-growth begins. Any shedding will have stopped by week three.

Month Two: By week five, you will begin to feel a difference in the thickness of your hair. Hair should feel thicker, fuller and shinier. By week seven, re-growth will become obvious.

Month Three - One Year: Re-growth continues at a steady rate throughout the maintenance period.